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Some notes from satisfied customers:

Marlaina has an incredible ability to turn an ordinary living space into what you envision it to be... even if you aren't really sure what your vision for that space is. Her work is exceptional, she's easy to work with, and she always delivers above and beyond what you would expect. We love what she's done! I look forward to working with her again on our next project.
Marlaina designed our entryway, living room, family room and sunroom.
— Lisa G.

We knew from the moment we met Marlaina that she was the perfect person to help us transform our house into the vision we had always wanted. Marlaina and her staff were always available to assist in anyway needed. Their eye for detail and design was incredible. We were a part of the process throughout the project and our voice was always heard. There was always many choices to choose from and never a hesitation or resistance to make changes as needed. We will be forever grateful to Marlaina for giving us the dream house we have always wanted. We would without question recommended Marlaina on any design project!
— Melissa M.

Marlaina is incredible. While we were clearly overwhelmed with the enormity of the project we had undertaken, Marlaina came in and immediately got things under control. She's talented, energetic and personable, yet her true expertise is in her vision. She not only transformed space, but integrated that space into a larger vision transforming our house into a home.
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
— Andrew Cooper

I met Marlaina through a friend and from the moment we met, her energy and creativity made me excited and confident in her abilities. She is nimble, patient and offers suggestions based on my taste and lifestyle. Marlaina also has exposed me to design possibilities I never would have dreamed of! I would highly recommend Marlaina to lead any home design project - the results will enrich your home and your life.
— Jessica Sadacca Kirschne

Dear Marlaina,
We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful job that you did in our home. Your use of various colors along with your wonderful suggestions regarding window treatments, pillows, and other accessories brought such warmth throughout the entire house. Working with you was so pleasurable for a number of reasons. What stood out the most to us was that although you had definite ideas, you always presented them as suggestions and let us make the final decision. Given that we were at work when most of the tasks were being completed, it gave us great comfort to know that you would “drop by” sporadically throughout the job to make sure everything was being done to your satisfaction. Your role was a combination of an interior designer as well as a general contractor who oversaw every detail. We would highly recommend you to anyone, whether they were looking to “spruce up” one room or renovate their entire home. Your ideas and creativity are endless. Our future plans include major renovations to our bathrooms and kitchen and the first thing on our list will be to call Marlaina Teich Designs!!! Thanks again.
Jayne and David Brod

Dear Ms. Teich,
On behalf of the Temple Beth Am Redevelopment Committee, I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful work you did for us! The Temple wanted to create an atmosphere where we would be able to have parties on the weekend, Bingo during the weeknights, and meetings during the weekdays. You made that dream become a reality. Working with you was so easy. You are professional, and are full of great ideas. It was especially enjoyable to meet with you because you were always prepared, and ready to make other suggestions based on what the committee envisioned. In addition, you were so easy for me to reach. The phrase, “just a phone call away” really is true when speaking about you. You have an amazing eye for being able to put our dreams onto paper, then onto demo boards, and then into reality. You helped us in dealing with the contractors, and solved problems as they arose, even before reaching our attention. I would happily recommend working with you on future projects in my House of Worship, in my business and in my home. Our entire community of Temple Beth Am is forever grateful for the wonderful work you have done. Thank you very much for everything.
Very truly yours,
Jill B. Kremer

Dear Marlaina,
As we rapidly approach the end of our master bedroom design project, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and let you know how much we enjoyed working with you. Our master bedroom was a long neglected room in our home. After deciding it was time to spend some energy revitalizing the room, we realized the job was too big for us to handle and manage, and decided to hire for the first time a designer to assist us with the project. We interviewed several designers and after much thought both agreed that you were our first choice. We were excited to meet a designed who was eager to oversee all aspects to the project. After our initial meeting, we were both impressed that when you returned to present your concept for the room, you had picked up on our ideas for style and color choices right away. As the project progressed, we have been nothing but pleased with the various contractors you have brought into our home. We think your choice in business associates made the project easier for us to live through. We also think that you ability to pick up on our thoughts and concerns and offer constructive advice and solutions while the project was in progress made everything go smoothly. Our bedroom is beautiful and we are looking forward to spending many quality hours enjoying our new space. Thank you very much for all of your help and assistance. We are looking forward to working with you again as we are contemplating additional projects in our home.
Sincerely yours,
Laura Velazquez & Richard Freilich

Marlaina truly had a collaborative approach to our kitchen update. She was open to our opinions and thoughts and at the same time shared her professional expertise and guidance to achieve a design goal that we didn’t even realize we wanted. The kitchen is in keeping with the traditional style of our home but with a contemporary flair. Working full time and undertaking any home improvement project can be stressful, but with Marlaina everything ran smoothly. Any glitch that arose – and something always will – was handled promptly and in such a straightforward and honest manner that there was never any doubt that the project would be a success. Marlaina’s personality, expertise, and professionalism gave us complete confidence in the outcome. And the outcome was perfect. We both love our beautiful new, updated kitchen from the beautiful granite countertop and the tile backsplash to the lighting fixtures and window treatment. Everything complements the dramatic new finish on the cabinets. Working with Marlaina was a pleasure and we (I) look forward to future opportunities to work with her again.
— Maureen Casey


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